"Reiki works at all levels of our human experience... it is a holistic system"

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The system of Reiki (ray-key) originated in Japan and is used today as a powerful relaxation, self empowerment and healing practice. 

Northern Beaches Reiki & Meditation offers deeply relaxing Reiki treatments and teaches all three levels of Reiki based on the Usui Reiki Ryoho. 

Reiki 1 Shoden - first teachings

Reiki 2 Okuden - inner teachings

Reiki 3 Shinpiden - mystery teachings


A daily Reiki practice or regular Reiki treatment can offer many benefits, including reduced stress, depression and chronic pain. In fact, Reiki is gaining respect in the scientific community as a complimentary therapy, click here to learn more. 


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Excerpt from Your Reiki Treatment by Bronwen & Frans Stiene

Upcoming Reiki
Courses 2021

Reiki 1

June 26th & 27th
Times: 10am - 4.30pm
Sat & Sun
Mona Vale

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Reiki 2  

March 20th & 21st
Times: 10am 3.30pm
Mona Vale

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Reiki 3

March 5th, 6th & 7th:  2021
Times: 10am - 4.30pm
3x Days
Mona Vale

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