Reiki Treatments


"The gentle, loving and safe environment Vicki provides has been an absolute haven for me over the past months of receiving reiki treatments. My mind, body and spirit have calmed to a deep level of peace never before experienced"

"I have had many Reiki treatments with Vicki Huston and can honestly say that Vicki’s intuitiveness in Reiki is amazingly strong. I come away after a Reiki treatment with a sense of calm and overall groundedness that resonates within me for days to follow"

"I knew nothing about reiki but was suffering from bad lower back and knee pain. Received immediate relief and received such kindness and support. Thank you Vicki"

"I started having Reiki weekly to help handle the stress of Year 11/12 at school. The results from Vicki's Reiki treatments have been above and beyond anything I could have expected. Personally I have found Reiki most beneficial for my mental and emotional wellbeing. Thank you Vicki"

"I can't thank Vicki enough for introducing Reiki into my life. It has now become part of my weekly schedule and I couldn't imagine my week without it. For anyone struggling with any kind of stress or anxiety or even if you just need an hour to relax and re-charge, I honestly couldn't recommend Reiki more highly"


Reiki treatments can help with a broad range of issues because they activate ones own innate healing ability. Each treatment works to facilitate balance and deep relaxation within the body. As your body calms and settles, your system is able to reboot and begin the healing process. Restoring and renewing where needed. 


“As running water smoothes away the obstacles in its path, Reiki flows to areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.”


Treatments require no manipulation or medication and can safely be used as a complimentary therapy. In fact many of our regular clients are oncology patients. There are no age limits on those who may receive a treatment and children under 16 are welcome with parental supervision.



What to expect during a treatment

Reiki treatments are hands on, yet not intrusive. A gentle laying of the hands, on and off the body, a slight sensation near the point of contact. 

A treatment with Vicki typically lasts 45 minutes to one hour. However, your first treatment may extend a little longer. For a more detailed account of what to expect during your first Reiki treatment click here

It is important to remember that Reiki is not an instant cure. Healing is a process that works through many stages. Many clients do report benefits after their first treatment, but further Reiki practice is often helpful to continue those benefits and facilitate ongoing healing. 

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Reiki Treatments

First Session

75 mins 


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Follow up Session

60 mins


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Benefits of Reiki