Reiki 2 "Okuden" In Depth


The Reiki 2 course is carried out over two days so that we can cover the course content with detail and allow time for questions, feedback and demonstrations. 

The immersion course involves being fully immersed in the world of reiki for two consecutive days. This is great for those who have trouble maintaining focus and staying in the energy.


The course includes:

Okuden is the Japanese word for “inner teachings”. If you're working on developing your personal practice and expanding your understanding of the system of Reiki, and/or becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner then Okuden is the next step.

Prerequisites for this level: Reiki 1 with Energy in Focus/ Northern Beaches Reiki or completed Reiki 1. I encourage students from other schools to read The Japanese Art of Reiki by Frans and Bronwen Stiene. Contact Us for more details.

At this level you learn to connect with the energy of both Earth and Heaven, the first steps to being integrated with universal energy. The focus of Usui’s teachings here is to work with these energies for inner spiritual development rather than them being external tools. We will achieve this by working with three of the symbols and mantras via visualization and chanting techniques. As you begin to work closely with these techniques over the two days you will notice your sensitivity and awareness grow. As you develop and work with strengthening your energetic system using these tools your ability work with others will also grow. Once again the emphasis is about working on yourself energetically to create a strong base to take forward into the world. This is of benefit whether you want to be a practitioner or just develop your own personal awareness of the energy of Reiki and your inner self.

During this course we also work with Distance healing, what is it? How to work with it.

This course is full of practical hands on work. Leaving you with a sense of confidence to continue working with techniques, symbols and mantras at home. The course is the beginning, utilising the course contents at home and attending Reiki practice times allows you to grow into your new awareness.

Elements covered in Okuden

  • You will learn the three symbols and their mantras, their meanings and usage.
  • Learn to help others through the Japanese concept of Oneness. (Distant Healing)
  • You will receive 3 attunements
  • Japanese meditations and techniques to deepen your awareness and understanding of Reiki
  • Learn skills to be a Reiki Practitioner via ongoing support and practice sessions, and completing the post course online training at Ki Campus.

Some of the Japanese techniques taught in Level 2

  • Hatsurei Ho ( A method for generating greater amounts of Reiki)
  • Byosen Reikan Ho ( A method for sensing imbalances)
  • Reiji Ho (A method of allowing Reiki to guide you)
  • Nadete Chiryo Ho (A method of stroking with the hands)
  • Enkaku Chiryo Ho (Remote Healing)

Post Course Support

  • Reiki Practice Afternoons. Cost: $25. The perfect opportunity to continue your practice and share your enquiries and experiences. We complete the practice with everyone receiving a Reiki Treatment and reiju.
  • Japanese Meditation Classes. Cost $20.00
  • Access to Student Resources with Northern Beaches Reiki Studio.

This course will leave you feeling confident with working on other people as you develop a more trusting relationship with your intuition and inner self. The more your work with the system of Reiki to develop your personal practice the greater your benefits will be. Eg: Inner peace, strengthened immune system, the ability to help others via treatments, clarity with life decisions. The list goes on.