COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidelines
Your physical, mental and spiritual health is important and so as of 29th March we closed our doors and are following the guidelines as given by the Australian Government and NSW State Government.

We have updated our existing classes to online formats, using Zoom. It's easily accessible to use and you pay online all in one step.  All our existing offerings that were online meditation,  student mentoring, reiki practice afternoons will continue in this new online format.  You can book here.

We have added a wonderful new service to replace in person Reiki Treatments. An online remote healing using Reiki and a gentle self healing guided meditation, in the comfort of your own home, loungeroom or bedroom. It's a 30 minute healing session with 10 minutes to chat and set you up. Read more about it here....

If you have an unused Gift Voucher, the expiry date will be extended, or you can exchange for the remote healing option. Perfect in these times of unease.