Reiki 3 In Depth


Reiki 3 is aimed at Level II practitioners,  established Reiki Teachers or for those continuing their personal journey within the System of Reiki, a journey that is ongoing long after you complete the Shinpiden course. It is therefore not just about teaching and is even suitable for those who wish to simply develop their personal Reiki practise and occasionally teach those around them.


Shinpiden brings together all the elements within the system of Reiki. It clarifies the pathway and reveals the potential that the system has to offer. This course is not only for Reiki teachers and practitioners but it's also suitable for those who simply wish to continue their personal journey with Reiki.

Self-empowerment is attained in Shinpiden through a strong energetic connection to the source of Reiki. It is also the result of the confidence you will feel as a result of your thorough knowledge of Reiki – how it works, what all the variations on Reiki actually are, where Reiki stands in the world today, the Japanese shirusi (symbols) and jumon (mantras) and their connection to Japanese philosophies and what the origin of Reiki's spiritual nature is.

One of the major focuses of this course is to tap into the sense that you are, and always were, a great, bright light – this is achieved by working with the fourth shirushi and jumon. 
Shinpiden brings together all the elements within the system of Reiki. It clarifies the pathway and reveals the potential that the system has to offer. 

Level 3 is designed for Reiki 2 students and practitioners who wish to take their journey with Reiki further. For those who want to be Reiki Teachers/Masters, for those who want to enhance their personal empowerment via a strong energetic connection to the source of Reiki, for Reiki Masters/Teachers wanting expand their Reiki knowledge and teaching methods using traditional Japanese methods. This course will leave you with the skills to develop your own practice, teaching skills and the ability to attune. Whether you want to utilise the practice for yourself as a spiritual pathway, or as a practitioner and/or  Reiki Teacher, this course will provide the tools to assist you on that journey. Your connection and understanding of the energy Reiki and the system of Reiki will rise to a whole new level. 

Elements covered in Shinpiden

  • You will review the three symbols and their mantras, their meanings and usage.
  • You will learn the fourth symbol and their mantra, it's meaning and usage.
  • Have deeper understanding of the concept of "oneness" and it's place within the system of Reiki
  • Expanding your understanding of Reiki Treatments, on yourself and others.
  • You will receive 1 attunement
  • You will learn to perform attunements
  • You will learn perform reju
  • Japanese meditations and techniques to deepen your awareness and understanding of Reiki

Some of the Japanese techniques taught in Level 3

  • Review the Hatsurei Ho ( A method for generating greater amounts of Reiki)
  • A deeper understanding of the precepts and how they are the foundation within the system of Reiki
  • Review the symbols and mantras from Level 2
  • How to perform an attunement
  • How to perform a reju

Post Course Support

  • Hard Copy of Shinpiden Reiki Manual
  • Certificate from Northern Beaches Reiki Studio on course completion
  • Reiki Practice Afternoons. Cost: $25. The perfect opportunity to continue your practice and share your enquiries and experiences. We complete the practice with everyone receiving a Reiki Treatment and reiju.
  • 2x 1hour private online sessions with Vicki to review and refine teachings and practice.
  • Japanese Meditation Classes. Cost $20.00
  • Access to Student Resources with Northern Beaches Reiki Studio.

The course is the beginning, you will have the tools and the support to be a Reiki Teacher, Practitioner or work within the system just for you and your family.