Reiki 1 In Depth


The Reiki 1 course is carried out over two days so that we can cover the course content with detail and allow time for questions, feedback and demonstrations. 

We offer the course over two Sundays. This can be beneficial as it allows some time between each day to practice and absorb what you've learnt. It's also good for those who can't commit to a full weekend of coursework.


The course includes:

* Simple practices to restore and nurture yourself.

* Tools to cultivate energy and ground yourself using breath.

* Help improving your mindset with the precepts.

* Moving meditation practice in the form of  hands on healing of self.


It can be particularly helpful to recharge your own batteries and in learning to support yourself while supporting others. Very beneficial for carers, parents, teachers (including yoga teachers) and healthcare practitioners.


How could this benefit you?

Reiki creates a deep personal connection - both with yourself and those around you - children, pets, family and friends. Ideal for supporting others through difficult times and cultivating your own sense of self-worth. You will develop a self-healing practice, initiate positive changes and bring greater balance into your life.

Reiki 1. Shoden: first teachings

Cost: $450 Runs over 2 x days
Included in course: Lunch, Comprehensive manual, Certificate from Northern Beaches Reiki.

No previous experience or courses necessary for this level. Reiki 1 is an enjoyable course that runs over 2 days. The course takes a practical approach to understanding the system of Reiki, its benefits for you and those around you.

The focus is on personal development and rediscovering spirit. It starts a journey that helps you to awaken an awareness of your true self.

After completing Shoden you have the tools to develop a daily practice based on the system of Reiki. This practice is the beginning of initiating positive changes and greater balance in your life.

It is important to understand with an energetic practice, (whether it be Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai Chi,) it is something to be experienced rather than read. Hence this course includes a lot of hands on.

Elements that will be covered during the course:
The history of Mikao Usui and his teachings. Knowledge of the Japanese origins of Reiki and the beautiful simplicity of the system, will provide you with the grounding you need for your own practice.
Understanding of the Japanese energetic system in relation to the hara centre.
Four attunements will be given over the 2 days of the course.
You will be doing Reiki Treatments on yourself and others during the course, learning hand positions and the physical aspects of the practice. Through this practice we develop our inner awareness of Reiki as we awaken our perception of the energy and our relationship to it. This is personal for everyone and each experience can be different.

  •  Working with the five precepts to develop a spiritual and mental connection as we integrate them into our daily lives.
  • We work with traditional ki awareness and enhancing techniques and meditations that help you to connect and identify your energetic self via your hara centres. (The meditations and techniques change at each level.)
  • The many ways that Reiki can be used - animals, plant, crystals, general day to day situations.

Some of the Japanese techniques that will be covered include:

  • Kenyoku ho (a method of dry bathing or brushing off)
  • Seishin Toistu (creating a unified mind)
  • Joshin Kokyoho (focussing the mind on one thing with breath)
  • Nentatsu – ho (a method for sending thought or a wish)
  • Schuchu Reiki (concentrated spiritual energy)

On completion of the course:

  • You will take away a certificate stating that you have completed the course, as per the guidelines of The Australian Association of Reiki Professionals.
  • The certificate will be issued by Northern Beaches Reiki.
  • A comprehensive manual to assist you when reviewing elements of the course.
  • A sense of well being and inner harmony.

Post Course Support

  • Reiki Practice Afternoons. Cost: $25. The perfect opportunity to continue your practice and share your enquiries and experiences. We complete the practice with everyone receiving a Reiki Treatment and reiju.
  • Japanese Meditation Classes. Cost $20.00
  • Access to Student Resources with Northern Beaches Reiki.