Become a Master. Reiki 3 is all about self empowerment.

Shinpiden, mystery teachings, this level involves discovering the mystery of our true nature and expanding your knowledge of the system of Reiki. You will leave this course with a deep confidence and understanding of Reiki and how it can help you and those around you. Whether you want to utilise the practice for yourself as a spiritual pathway, or as a practitioner / teacher, this course will provide the tools to assist and support you on your journey. One of the major focuses of Reiki 3 is working with the fourth shirushi and jumon. These will help you tap into the sense that you are, and always were, a great, bright light. 


Course Details

3 day Course

Prerequisites: completed Reiki 2 with Energy in Focus / Northern Beaches Reiki or other*.
* if completed with another school please contact Vicki about precourse reading.

Cost $1500

Min. 2 people

Lunch & Snacks provided

Includes: Course Manual & Certification per The Australian Association of Reiki Professionals

Please call Vicki to discuss undertaking your Reiki 3 course - 02 9973 1720



Course Outline

Review the three symbols and their mantras, meanings and usage

Learn the fourth symbol and it's mantra, meaning and usage

Deepen your understanding of the concept of oneness & it's place within the system of Reiki

Expand your understanding of Reiki Treatments, on yourself and others

Refine your Japanese meditations and techniques 

Develop skills to be a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher via ongoing support and practice sessions

One attunement

Learn to perform attunements

Learn to perform reju

More detailed course outline here.


Some of the Japanese techniques taught in Reiki 3

  • Review the Hatsurei Ho (a method for generating greater amounts of Reiki)
  • Deepen understanding of the precepts 
  • Review the symbols and mantras from Reiki 2
  • How to perform an attunement
  • How to perform a reju


Post Course Support​

  • 2x 1hour online sessions with Vicki to review and refine the teachings,

"I completed my Reiki 3 Master’s certificate with Vicki... what a wonderful experience! Vicki is a naturally skilled teacher who was able to tailor the lessons for my individual interests. We covered all of the course content but there was real intention to make it very relevant to me"

"Vicki Huston is an amazing Reiki Practitioner/teacher, who I have been very lucky to meet and learn from, and continue to learn from, having completed Levels , 2 and 3 at her beautiful Northern Beaches studio. The level of care, understanding and knowledge she brings to the Reiki teachings are immeasurable"

"I personally found Shinpiden similar to seeing a completed jigsaw puzzle, viewing the complete picture, knowing all the pieces are there and with time and practice, patience and perseverance will fit together. An intellectual understanding of the pathway was reached. I began my Reiki journey again with a deeper understanding of the practices, a sense of knowing and trust in the road I was travelling, and the knowledge that the elements were there as I journeyed  to a deeper understanding of my own “great Bright Light”. This in turn has influenced my practice, my life and my teaching"

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