Your First Reiki Treatment

What happens during your first Reiki Treatment

On your first visit, we will fill in a client history form and take notes on your reasons for having a Reiki treatment. You remain fully clothed, hence comfortable clothing is advised. You will be asked to remove shoes, watches and bangles. Sometimes a blanket or covering will be placed over you, pending temperature. The treatment is usually done on a massage table. If you have trouble with this, other arrangements can be made. Reiki can be done anywhere. This is your healing space, your time.

After making you comfortable on the table, I will put on some soothing music that will help you to move into a relaxed meditative state, or sleep. I then place my hands in various places, both on and off your body, nowhere that is personal or invasive. If at anytime you are concerned, just let me know. The touch will be light and comfortable. Usually we start around the head and then move to shoulders, heart area, torso and belly, down the legs to the feet. Reiki is a personal experience, hence each treatment is different for everyone. We are directed by your energetic requirements on the day.

During the session, you may feel sensations under the practitioners hands or in other parts of your body. These take the form of heat, tingling, coolness, throbbing or other sensations. You may feel very little, although most people feel a sense of well being and relaxation – many fall asleep. Sometimes a treatment can be energising.

Reiki provides an environment where we can be one with our mind, our body and our spirit and bring them back into harmony.

At the end of the session, approximately one hour, you feel a light stroking on your arm and legs as you are gently woken. When the session is complete we suggest a drink of water to help you wake up. After the treatment you will be in a more connected space. We don’t offer any diagnosis but we will discuss where sensations are felt, the most important thing being how you feel.

After a Reiki Treatment

You may experience a sense of clearing – going to the toilet more frequently and needing to drink more water. You may at times feel tired and at others energised. You may notice sensations of warmth or tingling. You may also feel more peaceful, centered and calm. You may have some flu-like symptoms, which can be about letting go and you may also feel refreshed.

The nature of Reiki is to work at a subtle level with the less conscious parts of our being – it is a chance to let go or release those things that are not working for / serving us. It is important to embrace whatever appears after a Reiki treatment as to whether it feels revitalising or like the tail end of a cold. We need to trust the process of our body releasing what it needs to in order to reconnect with a sense of inner peace.

It is important to drink plenty of water and be kind to yourself. If you have any concerns you can always contact us.


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