Vicki's Story

Founder of Northern Beaches Reiki & Meditation, Vicki shares her story


The Past

My early career involved in-depth study and research of the human body with stints working in haematology, microbiology, marine pharmacology. I also worked with animal pathology and later profiling soil samples from forests.

My partner and I worked together running several businesses simultaneously; a magazine publishing house, an advertising agency and a photographic studio. We were energised, passionate, dedicated and worked crazy hours – caught up in the endless demands, horrendous deadlines and intense stress of corporate culture.

Then my partner was killed suddenly in an accident. Everything that I thought I understood in life stopped – it was the end of the world as I knew it. I continued to run the business for another six years. Enduring the long hours, the frantic deadlines and the never ending cycles of stress.

Eventually I recognised that I could no longer go on like this and I sold the businesses. The end of my corporate career was the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. With a crashing reality it was finally time to discover who I am…..

Learning how to integrate all the upheavals that had occurred was my challenge. It took some time and I explored many options, ultimately realising that I needed to go within and restore my inner balance.


Discovering Reiki

A friend guided me towards Reiki, suggesting that I try a few treatments to help me settle the stress-related tension and various aches and pains that had developed. The treatments were so helpful that I decided to do the Reiki 1 Course – this provided a set of tools to begin working on myself. I continued on to the Reiki 2 & 3 Courses and then my teaching qualification.

For me personally, I had found something so immensely helpful and I wanted to share this understanding with others both as a practitioner and as a Reiki teacher.

I then spent six months in Europe and was able to provide Reiki treatments to many people who were undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from age-related diseases. The medical system had done all it could to help them. These people found that Reiki eased their suffering. Although I could not always communicate with words, their smiles let me know they were feeling better. I realised what a gift Reiki is – to heal is not always about curing someone – to ease the spirit is truly special.

Once back in Australia, I was ready to go deeper with my Reiki skills and knowledge. Energetic healing for me was the path forward; non-invasive and calming.

I chose to work with Frans and Bronwen Steine from the International House of Reiki. They have researched Reiki and its origins extensively. I continue my association with them as I maintain my personal Reiki practice and continue my inner journey.


Vicki’s Career & Qualifications

Biological Technical Officer Higher Certificate – working predominantly as a Technical Officer in laboratories
St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst: Pathology Department
Roche Research, Institute of Marine Pharmacology Dee Why
Sykes and Partners Randwick: Animal pathology
Forestry Commission NSW: Soil Analysis

Corporate career in publishing magazines, professional sports photographer, managing and operating an advertising agency and photographic studio.


Usui Reiki Ryoho (Japanese Lineage)
Komyo Reiki Kai (Japanese Lineage)
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher (Western Lineage)

Referred Practioner and Teacher The Australian Association of Reiki Professionals
Practitioner & Teacher Shibumi International Reiki Association
Graduate Teacher International House of Reiki

Other Courses attended:

Usui Teate Jumon Workshop IHOR 2003
Meridian Workshop (Qi Gong) IHOR & Li Ying 2003
Deep Healing Workshop (Qi Gong) IHOR & Li Ying 2004
CARO Reiki Convention 2007

Ongoing Reiki Training:

Reiki Retreat and Shinpiden IHOR 2008
Reiki Retreat and Shinpiden IHOR 2009
Reiki Retreat Mt Tomah IHOR 2010
Reiki Retreat and Shinpiden IHOR 2010
Reiki Retreat and Shinpiden IHOR 2011
Reiki Retreat Mt Tomah IHOR 2012
Reiki Retreat and Shinpiden IHOR 2012
Reiki Retreat IHOR 2013
Reiki Retreat IHOR 2014
Reiki Retreat IHOR 2015
Reiki Retreat IHOR 2016
Reiki Retreat IHOR 2017
Reiki Retreat IHOR 2018
Reiki Retreat IHOR 2019
Ongoing One to One Teachings with Frans Stiene IHOR


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