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Vicki's Story

Founder of Northern Beaches Reiki & Meditation, Vicki shares her story

My early career involved in-depth study and research of the human body with stints working in haematology, microbiology, marine pharmacology. I also worked with animal pathology and later profiling soil samples from forests.

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Reiki – my experience, Jane

I came to Reiki after I’d developed a meditation practice

A Reiki treatment is different for everyone, and each time you have a treatment the experience is different, so it’s a difficult thing to describe.

I came to Reiki after I’d developed a meditation practice, but you don’t need any special knowledge or experience. Vicki was my meditation teacher, and offered me a half-hour treatment, to try it out, and I found it strange, but deeply relaxing, and it seemed a logical extension of meditation.

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